5 simple ways to learn digital marketing for free

The best way to learn digital marketing is by joining practical digital marketing courses. But if you are not yet ready to join any classes or not sure which digital marketing course is best for you, here is a way to learn digital marketing for free. 

Why learn digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the future of marketing. In the coming days, customers will use mobiles, the internet, and other digital devices to engage with brands, research products, read reviews online about brands and their products or services.

Considering this fact, major small and big companies will start investing in digital marketing to generate leads and get new customers. This trend will create huge demand for digital marketing professionals who can manage digital marketing campaigns.

Not having the right digital marketing knowledge will push you 5 years behind from now.

Irrespective of your job role or current profession, having digital marketing knowledge can help you take your career to the next level.

Considering all these aspects, it’s important to learn digital marketing and stay updated.

But the biggest question is, “How to learn digital marketing?”

If you are also looking to learn digital marketing and not able to get the right answers to your questions about learning digital marketing, in this article I will explain how to learn digital marketing in 5 simple ways.

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1. You can learn digital marketing from blogs

Digital marketing is not a very difficult topic if you have basic computer skills and basic marketing knowledge. To learn digital marketing you can start reading various digital marketing blogs and tutorials.

Reading digital marketing blogs can help you understand concepts, theory and also will make you aware of various terms used in the digital marketing field.

Start first by understanding digital marketing basics like what is digital marketing and how digital marketing works.

Then move to specific topics like SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram marketing, LinkedIn marketing etc.

Since digital marketing is a vast topic, I would recommend you to first start with one topic and finish that topic before you move to the next topic.

Here is a blog to learn digital marketing for free

2. Learn digital marketing from online courses

Online courses can be very useful for learning digital marketing from home. If you are unable to go to class due to a busy schedule or other reasons, you can start learning digital marketing from online video courses.

Typically online video courses cover theory and some practical knowledge. You can’t learn complete digital marketing from online digital marketing courses.

Since there are many paid and free online courses, start first with a free digital marketing course and then see how it works for you. Don’t invest money in paid courses before taking a free trial of courses.

3. Attend digital marketing seminars or workshops

If you are new to the digital world and not able to decide how to get started in the digital marketing industry, you can start attending digital marketing workshops and seminars in your city.

First, attend a free digital marketing seminar to get a feel of it and meet the trainer. You will be able to get some knowledge about the digital marketing industry, career scope, topics and other essential details.

Try to attend more than 2 or 3 such seminars if you have time and meet the trainer personally to get more details.

Benefits of attending digital marketing workshops:

  • You will get to learn about new things happening in digital marketing
  • You will learn some new topics and current trends
  • You will get an opportunity to meet digital marketing trainer

4. Join the digital marketing classroom course

As I said, digital marketing is not difficult to learn, but you can’t learn digital marketing completely without joining classroom training. To become a digital marketing expert, you must learn digital marketing from the genuine institute by joining the right digital marketing course which is suitable for career goals.

I know there are many digital marketing institutes and many digital marketing courses and finding the right course is not an easy task.

Here is how to make a decision

  • Search on Google about digital marketing courses and classes in your area
  • Make a list of popular classes and courses available
  • Research about the institute, trainer and training quality
  • Don’t depend on brochures only. Always call, speak and meet institute owner or faculty.
  • Read Google reviews about the institute

5. Don’t watch YouTube videos

Yes, this is very important for you. If you really want to learn digital marketing properly, first stop watching those digital marketing tutorials and other videos who claim you can learn digital marketing by watching their videos.

Such videos will confuse you and you will spend time in trying to understand what they are saying and then finally end up paying for some basic course or hosting account.

Ideally, you must first take a free online course and learn basics and then watch YouTube videos related to specific topics or to upgrade your knowledge.


If you think, learning digital marketing is difficult to learn, it’s not. You can learn digital marketing in less than 3 months if you have a systematic approach. If you waste your time in just reading random blogs, watching random videos and joining only free courses, you will not be able to learn complete digital marketing.

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