How to use Google Ads for Lead Generation

Lead generation is one of the most common challenges for small business owners. Generating leads using cold calling and bulk SMS isn’t working anymore. Marketers are searching for effective and budget-friendly ways to generate qualified leads.

Google AdWords can be one of the best ways when it comes to generating leads using website. You can use Google AdWords as your primary lead generation tool.

In this guide, we will learn how to generate leads using Google AdWords. In this step by step guide, I will cover everything you need to know about lead generation using Google AdWords

If you are looking for most effective and low cost solution for generating leads for your business, you must try Google AdWords for generating leads.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is part of the sales process to attract a potential buyer and generate interest in their mind by using various lead generation techniques. Depending on business types and target audience, companies use various lead generation methods.

Typical lead generation techniques used by companies

Cold calling
SMS and Email marketing
Social media marketing
PR and events
and many more…
In our article, we will focus on how to use Google Adwords for generating leads

What is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is paid advertising platform by Google. Google Adwords is used to drive traffic to the website using search and display ads. Google AdWords works on PPC fundamentals. Which means, when a visitors clicks on Ad, the advertiser will have to cost for that click.

You can know more about Google AdWords on Google AdWords Tutorial and How does Google AdWords work.

Things to remember about AdWords
Google AdWords is paid advertising tool
Google AdWords works on concepts of PPC (Pay Per Click)
You can use Google AdWords for search ads, display ads, video ads and also for App downloads
Great thing about AdWords is that it allows you to advertise on search network, YouTube and Google Display network

Best part of Google AdWords is, your ads will be shown only to people who are searching for your keywords. Google AdWords allows you to target your ads to a specific audience for specific keywords.

Let’s understand basics about Google AdWords before we move to our step by step guide
See below image: This is how your Ads will be shown after your landing page (website page) and Ads are created.

How does Google AdWords work?

Google shows your website or landing page when the relevant search is happening on Google, in the form of Ads (Advertisement).

For each click you are receiving on your Ads, you will be charged depending on bid amount you have set on your keywords.

In order to start generating leads using Google AdWords, below are the requirement.

Landing Page / Website Page
Google AdWords Account
List of targeted keywords
Create Ads
Payment details
If you are a business owner and looking out for generating leads using Google AdWords, you will need to go under proper planning.

Let’s get started and understand that Google AdWords helps you generate Quality leads and converting them as your customer.

1. Set budget for Campaign

plan budget for google adwords

I get lots of questions from our clients, “How much should we spend on an AdWords campaign?”.

And I help them by properly setting up the budget for AdWords account. Our team is well very experienced in planning Campaign so that you do not over-spend or under-spend the budget. The goal is to fetch the quality generating leads.

2: Choose Keywords for Your Adwords Campaign

It’s time to plan out the keywords you want to use for your campaign which should be exactly related to your business.

AdWords Keyword Planner is the best tool to do research and get the keyword ideas. This tool allows you to forecast and analyze the estimation of search volume for keywords. It also helps you check what will be the cost of per click you will be charged, known as CPC (cost per click).

The keyword planner is very in-depth and is a great starting point when doing keyword research and planning. However, it is not completely reliable, but you will get some idea that how your keywords will perform.

The best way is to ask your friends or existing customer that being a potential customer, what they might search in Google to buy a particular product or services.

Another good way to get suggestions for keywords is by doing a Google search for your primary keyword such as team productivity tool. At the bottom of the search results page you’ll typically see related searches:

You can also take keywords idea, using the Search related at the end of the result page (above image).

3: Landing Page Content should match your Ad

It is very important to focus on what message you are trying to provide in your landing page. Your Ads should have the same information to show when searches are happening.

If your Ads is promising but your content on landing page doesn’t match with Ad, then the click you receive is wasted and incurred you an expense.

So, giving the right message to your users is one of the best practice to generate quality leads using Google AdWords.

4: Create multiple Ad Groups in one Campaign

When someone searches on Google, AdWords algorithm will do the matching with your targeted keywords. If your Ads has keywords which you have added in Ad Group, your Ad will be shown to that user.

Keep in mind, the headline and description of your advertisement should be relevant to the keywords that will trigger your Ad to be displayed when the search is happening.

The exact match keyword for [tally erp 9], you should create ads that speak to users who are searching for tally erp 9. The more relevant you can make your advertisements, the more likely a user will click-through to your landing page.

5: Create Ads in Google AdWords

AdWords occasionally updates the formatting for how an advertisement appears in the search results. When you’re writing your ads, it’s important to try to connect to the person viewing it.

Strong Ads

While you are creating an Ad, your Ad should be relevant to the content on your landing page or website. This will allow Google AdWords Algorithm to know that your page is giving the right information of what the user is looking for.

Make your Ads unique than your competitors, and let your user know that you are going to provide a solution of what they are looking for.

Keep Call To Action

Call To Action means that when a person entering your website page, you want them to take an action for making an inquiry which will generate lead.

Call To action can be in various form:

1. Quote Form
2. Inquiry Form
3. Call Button
4. ChatBot
5. Pop Up Form

To attract a genuine lead, create Ad with juicy words like an offer, free & discounts. And I am sure you will get the leads which will definitely convert into sales.

Be Relevant

Since keywords in Ad Groups should match keywords with advertisements, it is important to keep those organized and relevant. If you have a variety of products and one of your keywords is tally erp 9, you should have an advertisement in that ad group that talks about only tally erp 9.

Don’t be Spammy

You want your ads to read professionally. Don’t use ALL CAPS, don’t spam FREE, and don’t MiX CaSeS. Try to use common language and a simple writing style.

6: A/B Test Ad Copy
After the Landing Page is created along with targeted keywords and Ads, the next step is to measure how your Ad Campaign is performing.

By creating multiple Ads, you will see results that which Ads and keywords performing well to generate quality leads.

If you Ad ‘A’ is performing well than your Ad ‘B’, then you can pause Ad ‘B’.

You can also do A/B Testing for your Ad Groups, it will help you decide which Ad Groups is generating more leads.

Another factor, you will need to focus on is ‘Quality Score’.

Quality Score is Google’s rating of the quality and relevance of both your keywords and Ads. It is used to determine your cost per click (CPC) and multiplied by your maximum bid to determine your ad rank in the ad auction process.


Using Google AdWords can help you drive in qualified and conversion-oriented traffic. Google AdWords can help every business, you need to focus on properly maintaining and optimizing your campaign to generate quality leads. Give it a try to see if you can grow the size and scope of your business with targeted campaigns.

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