Google Ads Overview

Google Ads is one of the most popular and effective online advertising platforms by Google. Google Ads allows advertisers to advertise or promote their business online. 


Before you start with Google Ads, you must understand how Google Ads works and different types of ads, campaigns and campaigns based on business objectives.

Key Highlights of Google Ads.

  1. Google ads work on PPC ads concept. Where advertisers will pay to Google when visitors click on their ads. 
  2. PPC is known as Pay per click
  3. For search ads, advertisers will only pay for clicks and not for impressions.
  4. For Display ads and video ads, we can pay for Impressions or video views also. 
  5. We can control how we pay for performance by selecting bidding strategy. 
  6. In Google Ads, you have options to choose your budget, duration, and location where you want to show your ads. 
  7. You can also pause or resume your ads as per your requirements.
  8. Google Ads are organized in Campaigns and Ad Groups. 
  9. Before you run Google ads, you need to understand their terms and conditions, you need to first read all their terms and policies before running Google Ads.
  10. You can promote all kinds of business using Google Ads, you are not allowed to promote some kinds of ads using the Google platform. 
  11. Access Google Teams and Policies here – Google Ads Policies

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