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In this guide, I’ve selected the best free and paid online courses, trainings and resources to learn Google Ads (formerly Adwords) based on Google Ads courses from the Class Central catalog. Four courses are completely free including one course from Google with free certification. Some courses will be more comprehensive while others will be focused on specific tools such as Google Search Ads or self-paced with exercises such as the courses from Google Skillshop.

Here are my top picks. Click on one to skip to the course details:

Course Duration Fees & Other Details
1. Digital Marketing Course for Beginners – By Optron Academy – Mumbai 24-25 hours Best comprehensive Google Ads training for beginners
2. Digital Marketing Certification Course – 3 Months 4 hours Official interactive Google Ads course from Google with free certificate
3. Advanced Digital Marketing Certificate Course by Optron Academy 2-3 hours Introductory and practical Google Ads course with free certificate
4. Google Ads Tutorials (Surfside PPC) 41 hours Hundreds of Google Ads tutorials with practical instructions for all levels
5. Designing Effective Google Ads Campaigns (HubSpot Academy) 2 hours Practical essential Google Ads course with free certificate
6. Digital Marketing with Google Ads (AdWords) Taught by a Former Googler – Certificate Included! (Skillshare) 1-2 hours Concise introduction to Google Ads and best practices
7. Google Ads For Beginners 2022 – Step By Step Process (Udemy) 9 hours Easy to digest and practical Google Ads course
8. Paid Advertising Campaigns (ClickMinded) 5-6 hours Learn paid advertising for Google Ads and Facebook Ads
9. Digital Marketing | The Complete Google Ads Masterclass (Skillshare) 13 hours Learn the nitty-gritty details of creating your first marketing campaign on Google Ads
10. Advanced Google Ads (LinkedIn Learning) 1-2 hours Learn advanced Google Ads techniques from automation to competitive analysis

1. Optron Certified Digital Marketing Course for Beginners – 2 Months Duration

My first pick for the best Google Ads course is for the Ultimate Google Ads Training 2021 with Isaac Rudansky, a certified Google Adwords Pro.

In this comprehensive course for beginners you will learn how to drive consistent traffic to your website or landing page, create campaigns, use conversion tracking, remarketing, and much more. No previous experience with Adwords is required to take this course. However, it is recommended that you have a website, a landing page, or a Facebook page to send you traffic to. Here’s what learners said:

Looking for a comprehensive and practical digital marketing course that can help you upgrade your skills and take your career to the next level? Optron Certified Digital Marketing Certificate course is here!

This digital marketing course is designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of all aspects of digital marketing, from search engine optimization to social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and more. Through a combination of classroom lectures, hands-on exercises, and real-world projects, you’ll learn the latest trends and techniques in digital marketing and gain the practical skills you need to succeed in digital marketing.

Our course modules cover a range of topics, including:

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing: Understanding the digital marketing landscape, the importance of digital marketing in today’s world, and the different channels and platforms available.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Learning the fundamentals of SEO, including keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and analytics.
  3. Social Media Marketing: Understanding the role of social media in digital marketing, creating a social media strategy, creating and managing social media campaigns, and measuring the success of social media efforts.
  4. Content Marketing: Creating a content marketing strategy, developing high-quality content, using content to attract and engage audiences, and measuring the effectiveness of content marketing efforts.
  5. Email Marketing: Building an email list, creating effective email campaigns, measuring email campaign success, and automating email marketing processes.
  6. Analytics and Reporting: Understanding digital marketing metrics and KPIs, using analytics tools to measure and optimize campaign performance, and reporting on the success of digital marketing efforts.

Throughout the course, you’ll also have the opportunity to work with a range of digital marketing tools, including Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Hootsuite, and more. This hands-on experience will give you the practical skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the digital marketing industry.

Upon completing the course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion that you can use to showcase your skills and knowledge to potential employers. Our course has helped many students find success in the digital marketing industry, and we’re confident it can do the same for you. Don’t wait any longer to upgrade your skills and take your career to the next level – sign up for our offline digital marketing course today!

Great Instructor. I learned a lot as a complete beginner to Google Ads and was able to follow along fairly well despite the new interface giving me some confusion. However, with enough additional effort to see the differences in the two interfaces, this course really does a great job of hammering the fundamentals. – Charles M., Udemy learner.

What You’ll Learn

In this course you will start by learning how to set up your Google Ads account from scratch and the theory behind successful online advertising. Then, you will learn how to use keywords to your advantage, and set up conversion tracking and track phone calls, sales, revenue and form submissions.

Next, you will learn how to take advantage of competitor reports and customer data in your campaigns, perform A/B text on your ads, and optimize your cost per click by increasing Quality Score.

When creating multiple campaigns it’s vital to keep a proper organization, so you’ll learn how to structure your account, campaigns, ad groups and keyword lists for optimal results.

Finally, you will work with some external tools such as Excel to analyze keyword data and gain insights and SEMrush and Optmyzr to automate your optimization tasks and run better analyses.

How You’ll Learn

This course is divided into 17 modules and 136 lectures. Each module ends with a quiz to test your knowledge. You will have access to the slides for download and other resources to help you follow along and experiment by yourself.

By finishing all the material, paid learners will receive a certificate of completion and will be ready to take the Google Ads certification exam.

Provider Udemy
Instructor(s) Isaac Rudansky
Level Beginner
Workload 24-25 hours
Enrollments 198,801
Rating 4.6 (48,313 reviews)
Certificate Available

2. Google Ads Search Certification (Google Skillshop)

My second pick for the best Google Ads course is for the Google Ads Search Certification by Skillshop, a Google training platform that you can use to grow your skill on Google’s tools.

Are you looking for an offline digital marketing course that not only provides you with comprehensive training but also helps you secure a job in the industry? Look no further than our digital marketing course with 100% placement assistance!

Our course covers 35+ modules that are carefully designed to provide you with an in-depth understanding of all aspects of digital marketing. We cover everything from the basics of digital marketing to advanced strategies and techniques. Our course also includes 24+ tools that you will work with hands-on, so you can gain practical experience with the latest digital marketing tools.

Our course is not just theoretical, but practical too. We provide you with real-world projects and assignments that you can work on, allowing you to apply what you’ve learned in a practical setting. Our trainers, who are experienced digital marketing professionals, will guide you through the projects and assignments, ensuring you get hands-on experience.

We also provide 100% placement assistance to all our students. We work with a wide range of companies and agencies in the digital marketing industry, and we help our students secure job opportunities in these organizations. We provide career counseling, interview preparation, and resume building assistance to ensure you stand out from the crowd and get your dream job in the digital marketing industry.

Our course covers a wide range of topics, including:

  1. Introduction to Digital Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  3. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Analytics and Reporting

And many more!

So if you’re looking for an offline digital marketing course that not only provides you with comprehensive training but also helps you secure a job in the industry, look no further than our digital marketing course with 100% placement assistance!

In this course with a free certification from Google, you will learn how to build and optimize Google Search campaigns. By earning the certification, Google recognizes your ability to translate a vision for online marketing into a digital marketing strategy, generate a plan to increase sales or website traffic, develop a plan to reach new and existing customers, and ensure your marketing plan is aligned with your budget.

If you have no experience with Google Ads Search, start this course from its last section “Study Google Ads Search”. Otherwise, you can check your knowledge or skip right to the final assessment and earn your certification.

What You’ll Learn

You will start by learning the fundamentals and understanding the main types of campaigns you can create according to your business goals. Then, you will learn how to reach your audience in the right moment (and place) with Google Search campaigns.

After covering the bare essentials, you will move on to the more technical aspects of Google Ads such as Auction, where you’ll learn about bidding, how to write the right message with the best practices, make Ads relevant with Ad Extensions, and increase efficiency with Automated Bidding.

Finally, you will learn how to use Google’s Audience Solutions with your Search campaigns to help reach your marketing goals, boost performance with Optimization Score, and increase conversions with Performance Planner.

How You’ll Learn

This course consists of interactive readings with quizzes to help you test your knowledge. As you move along, you can save your answers and export them later to a pdf which will help you start your campaigns.

You can take the optional practice assessment in the “Prepare for the certification” section and then try the final assessment and earn a certification that you can link to your account.

Institution Google
Provider Skillshop
Level Beginner
Workload 4 hours
Certificate Free

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