June 13, 2024

Don’t buy domain without reading this article

A domain name tells your audience about your website or a blog. A domain name which is short and easy to remember and connect with your business or topic of the blog can make your website or blog very popular.

Many people get confused while choosing a domain name. Sometimes it’s really difficult to decide about the name.

Here are a few important points to consider while choosing a domain name:

Buy Domain name that represents your brand of business

Choose a domain name that represents your brand or business. For example, I have a domain name optron.in where optron academy is the name of my business. This helps me represent my brand and business name.

Similarly – Microsoft is using microsoft.com and Yahoo is using Yahoo.com

If you are buying a domain for your personal website, you can buy a domain with your first name or combination first name and last name.

Here is an example of a personal domain name:

bhaveshg.in is my personal website where I have used my first name and initial of my surname in the domain name.

Since I was not able to get .com domain, I have purchased .in domain.

Here is an example of a domain name with a brand name:

I have a domain name called sastadeals.in – sastadeals.in is name of brand which I created for dummy website for a training purpose.

I also have website digitalmastery.in and digitalguruji.net  – Both domain names are based on a brand name that I have created for future use.

Buy a domain name that represents a type of website or content

If you don’t have your own brand or you are not able to get a domain with your brand, you can also buy a domain name that represents the type of content or category.

Here is an example of domains based of the type of content or topic :

I had a domain name yougahealthtips.in where I used to share health and yoga-related content.

latest-movies.com represents a blog about movies and entertainment purpose.

Similarly, you can also choose a domain name that matches to the content of a blog or website.

Choose short name if possible

Longer domain names are difficult to remember and type. Shorter domain names are easy to remember and type on mobile. Since more than 78% of people use mobile to browse the internet, it’s absolutely important to choose short domain name.

If you are not able to get shorter domain name, try another alternative or another extension.

Or simply you can buy a longer name which is easy to spell and type. For example, digitalguruji.net

Always buy the domain for 2 to 5 years

As you know that you need to renew your domain every year, if you buy the domain for 2 to 5 year, you don’t need to renew every year. Many people lose their domain name because they are not able to renew their domain on time.

Put your domain on auto-renewal

Your domain name is a very important asset for your digital marketing and business. Don’t make a mistake of losing it. Always keep it on auto-renewal and set alert and reminders for renewals.

Many people buy a domain and then they forget login details or from where they purchased their domain. Don’t make such mistakes.

Note down details about your domain name, from where you purchased and when it’s expiring. 

If possible buy domain and hosting from the same vendor

Many times we buy a domain from the cheapest vendor. But sometimes, just to save a few hundred rupees, we get into trouble of losing our domain or downtime due to configuration mistake.

There are many companies who offer free domian for a year along with hosting. Like siteground offers free domain name with their hosting plans.

I would recommend to buy a domain and hosting both from siteground.

Use online tools for domain research

I personally use domai.nr to find available domain names. Apart from this, there are many other domain research tools.


I hope you liked this article about buying a domain name. Do let me know which domain are you planning to buy.

Bhavesh Gudhka

Bhavesh Gudhka is an entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant, trainer, author, and founder of Optron Academy. Bhavesh has more than 12 years of experience in IT, Web Development, Digital Marketing & SEO.

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