July 24, 2024

5 Reasons why SEO fails?

Many times I have heard from some people think that SEO is just waste of time and money. It fails to deliver results and business. Some business owners think SEO is very expensive and it works only for large companies who have huge budget to spend on marketing.
If you also feel that SEO is just waste of time and money, then it’s time to think again. Why there are many companies who are still investing in SEO. In this blog article I am going to discuss about why SEO campaign may fail.

There are many reasons for SEO campaign to fail. Let me give you top 5 reasons.

1. Not having SEO plan or Strategy

Planning and strategy are most important part of SEO or any other online marketing campaign. Your SEO campaign plan must include key products or services, your target audience, details about your competition and your goals.

2. Keyword Study is not done properly

I have personally seen many business owners depend on SEO companies for keywords or they give keywords to SEO companies. Many SEO companies still offer packaged SEO which is like keyword and link trading. If you depend on such companies who are not expert in SEO but just trading links and keywords then your SEO campaign may fail to target right audience. While choosing keywords you must think about your target audience, what they are searching at various stages. If you fail to understand your target audience and their search queries, you may make big mistake in selecting wrong keyword which may bring your website on first page of Google but you may not get business.

3. Website design and structure is not planned

Many companies or business owners start website design without considering SEO or usability in mind. If you hire a cheap website designer who knows how to write HTML code but not really experienced in planning navigation, structure and layout of website, you may have to make major changes on your website when you go for SEO. SEO and website planning should be done together. While designing website, you must start keyword identification, landing page URL, navigation and anchor text.

4. On-page SEO Mistake and Content mistakes

I have seen many companies have just used keywords in their website instead of writing good content. You will see all keywords in title, description and in body. Content is not original, many URL may have duplicate title and description, sitemap is not created and many such mistakes could be reason for failure of your SEO campaigns.

5. Off-page and link building mistakes

Creating links through blog commenting, guest blogging, forums, article submission and other such old way will harm your SEO attempts. Common link building mistakes include paid links, getting link from irrelevant websites, links from website which are not indexed by Google or having very low page rank. These expensive link building mistakes can kill your organic ranking.

Bhavesh Gudhka

Bhavesh Gudhka is an entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant, trainer, author, and founder of Optron Academy. Bhavesh has more than 12 years of experience in IT, Web Development, Digital Marketing & SEO.

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